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Art workshops

Do you want learn something new ? Improve your art skills with local Khmer artists ? Or organize workshops for your organization ?

We propose different art workshops running at the Khmer Kids Art Gallery, or at your place. For group visit, schedule, and other general question or request, please contact us: kkagallery@gmail.com or 017 223 370If you book for the same day, please call us for checking availability.

Interested ? For booking a session with us, please complete the following information below. 

Painting Workshop (Watercolor / Acrylic / Pastel)

Learn the art of painting and its different techniques with the stroke of a paintbrush, and let your imaginations come alive in colorful hues! Participants can choose between watercolor, acrylic, or pastel. And you can choose either paper or canvas to paint on. If we have enough time, we can try all mediums.

> 90 Minutes / $15 per person

Fan drawing (Acrylic or marker)

In this workshop, you can design a notebook or a fan using acrylic paint. This is ideal for those who love using notebooks, and at the same time would like to harness creativity.

> 90 Minutes / $15 per person

Specific painting workshop for Khmer people

We provide also painting workshops for Khmer people > for individuals, families, organizations, companies,…. We adapt the workshop depends on your expectations and objectives.

> For companies, a painting workshop could be a great creative opportunity for coworkers to bond and get to know each other!!



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