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Become a partner

Partnering with a small art school and Children’s Forest Gallery will help Cambodian children grow up and receive education to value and enjoy their experiences. This is an opportunity for children to enjoy their time and gives them an open mind.

We talk about partners on internet sites, social networks and newsletters.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss together how we can partner: kkagallery@gmail.com-+855 (0) 17 223 370 / + 855 (0) 70 720 005

Are you a SCHOOL?

» Creating local/international relationships among children

» Sharing artworks, products (coloring books, calendars, …)

» Developing open minds and inter-cultural understanding 

» Developing collaborative projects such as art contest etc.   

Are you a COMPANY? What are the reasons to become a partner?

» Because you invest in a social enterprise, our relationship can be integrated to your Social responsibility activities.

» Because you invest in a social enterprise, you will pay lower taxes.

» Via our online presence, you will be more visible (website, social media, newsletter,…)

» We can display artworks for your communication tools (flyer, magazine, logo, business card,…)

» It can be an opportunity to provide Art exhibitions for your customers, or your employees.

» Participate to our workshops can be a great creative opportunity for your employees to bond and get to know each other!!

Are you an ARTIST or an ART ORGANISATION? What are the reasons to become a partner?

» Providing Art lessons to children who have the will to learn but lack the opportunities.

» Promoting local khmer artists, young and talented.

» Diversifying your art collections.

» You can also only provide exhibition spaces (we are always looking for spaces to organize exhibitions in order to promote the artworks of our students).