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Our story



Tomoko came in Cambodia and started building the school.

The founder, Tomoko Kasahara is a Japanese Arts teacher with the dream to provide free art education to underprivileged children. After 31 years of professional career as an art teacher in high schools in Tokyo, Tomoko retired when she was age of 59. She left Japan and started construction for the art school. Due to the troubles with neighborhoods, the construction was stopped for a while.



Tomoko started art lesson for 25 children at an orphanage center in Siem Reap.




“Small Art School’’ opening.

Mission & vision of the Small Art School ? With the goal helping children, Tomoko aim to provide a free and quality education, primarily to children who have the will to learn but lack the opportunities to do so. The school promotes students’ creative expression while allowing them to cherish joyful learning experiences as they grow. To learn more about Small Art School > visit our website.

Hea joined the team.

Hea Cheavv is a Khmer / Japanese interpreter who joined Tomoko in this amazing adventure! 

Tomoko also got offers from neighborhood children for Japanese lessons.




Expansion of the team.

Yuko Sakata, from Japan, joined the team as an Art coordinator.




First collaborations with local & international organisations




1st Art exhibition.

for 2 days on weekend at Victoria Hotel in Siem Reap City. We continue to participate in exhibitions in Siem Reap, also in Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia) and in Japan.



Around 170 kids attend our art lessons.

The team expands : the local Khmer artists join as Art teachers.



“Khmer Kids Art Gallery” is founded.

Originally, the funding of Small Art School (SAS) was provided by art teacher Tomoko Kasahara herself. As SAS continued to grow, there came the need to seek more funds for art supplies, facilities, transportation, and other things necessary to sustain the programs and activities of SAS. To do so, we decided to establish the gallery to help raise funds for SAS as well as to showcase the creative artworks of our students. The team members are dedicated towards this new partaking for the benefit of Khmer children and the arts.




School registration in Cambodia.

School has been approved by Cambodian Ministry of Education. No. 1484.



Around 350 children attend our art lessons.



SAS exhibition in Tokyo.

The team is to travel to Japan.