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What is Khmer Kids Art Gallery ?

> Khmer Kids Art Gallery is located in Siem Reap, famous by the renowned archeological site Angkor, in Cambodia. The main gallery mission is to help raise funds for Small Art School. The gallery is listed as a social enterprise in Cambodia.


> Launched in 2013, the gallery is managed by local young artists, who dream to make a living through the arts. The Khmer artists work at the gallery and assist art programs (art classes, painting workshops, exhibitions, sellings, …).

Thanks to the gallery, we provide opportunities for students to improve their technical abilities and also gain experience in the “business-side” of art.

We also collaborate with fellow artists and art educators from all over the world to provide enriching workshops and to encourage a broader, global understanding of the visual arts.

We provide opportunities for students to learn the joy of art.

What do we do ?

Managed by the local artists, the gallery provides :

  • Art classes & painting Workshops for Khmer people (individuals, families, organizations, companies,…)
  • Children/students artworks & products at Small Art School and in Siem Reap markets
  • We also participate to exhibitions

For more details > go to the GALLERY section !


How are the profits from the artworks shared ?

50% : The individual artist or organization where the student belongs to.

30% : Operating cost for this gallery.

20% : Operating cost for Small Art School’s educational activities such as art supplies, teaching materials, scholarships and student support.